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Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a safe and effective tool in dealing with some of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy. Many pregnant women experience back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel symptoms as well as general fatigue from carrying around all that extra weight. Massage often makes pregnant women feel more comfortable and relaxed by helping to decrease or by even eliminating many of these symptoms.

You may be wondering how you could possibly be comfortable getting a massage when you can't even lie on your stomach. Don't fret, we have special pregnancy cushions to accommodate a woman in ANY stage of pregnancy. We simply place the cushions on our existing massage table, this enables pregnant women to lie on their stomachs while receiving their massage treatment. These cushions are completely safe and comfortable. If however you are not comfortable with the idea of lying on your stomach or whether you're physically uncomfortable on the cushions, we would simply change the positioning so that you would be lying on your side, which would allow us to access your back and the back of your legs.

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We now offer Active Release Technique (ART) in a 30 and 60 minute appointment duration, with Tyler Milewski, RMT.


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