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Hot Stone Massage

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If you like heat, heating pads or hot baths, you would love hot stone massage!

What is a hot stone massage?
Hot stone massage is a treatment, by which the massage therapist, in addition to using their hands, uses very smooth basalt stones that have been heated (in water) in order to perform the treatment.

How are the stones heated?
About an hour before the massage, the therapist begins to heat the stones either by using a slow cooker, or by placing them on a hot plate in a Pyrex dish filled with water.

How is the treatment performed?
During the treatment, the stones are removed from the hot water as needed, dried off and coated with oil. The therapist then runs the hot stone along the muscle with as much or as little pressure as is necessary in order to attain the desired effect.

What are some of the benefits of a hot stone massage treatment?
Because the stones are hot, it helps to increase circulation. It is very beneficial when treating stubborn muscles that just won't let go. It is also an extremely relaxing treatment (even more so than a regular massage) making it great for someone who not only would like to relax, but NEEDS to relax.

Is the treatment covered by extended health benefits?
If performed by an RMT (registered massage therapist), the treatment would be covered by insurance plans, just as a regular massage would be.

What is the cost of a hot stone massage treatment?
The cost is only $15.00 over and above the cost of a regular massage therapy treatment.

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