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Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial

Duration: 1 hour

Cost - $150   insurance receipts will be issued for the full cost of the treatment

The Holistic Facial is rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is performed by Registered Acupuncturist, Kimberly Hoffman. This treatment restores proper qi flow (blood and lymph circulation), relaxes tight facial muscles, lifts the skin,  brightens and balances skin tone, reduces blemishes, helps prevent wrinkles, and creates that healthy glow that everyone wants.

Dull skin tone, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, puffiness, and sagging are all symptoms of fluid congestion in the face. What starts as facial puffiness will accumulate over time to stress and stretch the facial tissues resulting in sagging and premature aging. Excess and stagnant fluids in the face also crowd the space needed for optimal circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, which are essential for nourishment of our skin.
The Holistic Facial combines Chinese Medicine techniques: tuina (Chinese massage), jade rolling, facial guasha, facial cupping, intraoral/buccal massage, and externally applied Chinese herbs known for their restorative properties. Body acupuncture needles are optional for those who want the maximum benefits of this treatment. The Holistic Facial offers deep relaxation for your face as well as your nervous system, creating a whole body experience.

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